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Find out how our members use martial arts to achieve their self defense and fitness goals.

Every Class is Fresh and Different from the Last

Not a stranger to martial arts, I was immediately impressed after my first class with Shannon; indeed, even after having trained in various martial arts for 12+ years, I honestly have to say that Shannon Marshall is one of the best instructors I've come across. Everything taught in class is practical, efficient and realistic, and every class is fresh and different from the last- I don't think we've done the exact same workout or combination of drill sets more than once since I started training here. What's more, speaking from my past experience of often being the only woman at my previous dojos, Burlington Krav Maga truly stands out in that Shannon is one of a handful of female black belts in Krav Maga in the US. If you're curious about martial arts but find yourself intimidated by the traditional dojo environment (or just want to get a great workout in!), come check out her studio- she's the real deal! :)


My Grandson is No Longer Bullied

Shannon I just wanted to drop you a note to say THANK YOU! My grandson has been taking Krav Maga from you since November 2012. We started him in the classes due to bullying at school and on the bus. Last week he had the confidence he needed to stand up to one of the boys that had been bullying him for 2 years. He knew that if he needed to fight he had the skills needed to defend himself, so when the bully confronted him once again he got a surprise. My grandson turned to him, confronted him confidently with his response, looked him dead in the eye and told him "do something about it". The young man was caught off guard and eventually turned and left. My grandson said it felt good! That young man and the group that was standing around watching ALL apologized to him the next day. We were all so proud of him, but no one was as proud as my grandson was of himself. His confidence needle elevated off the charts that day. Again, I say THANK YOU!


I was Hooked from Day One

jimmie before and after success story When I first heard about Burlington Krav Maga from a co-worker, I thought he was crazy. I told myself there was no way I was in shape enough to do any form of Martial Arts. When I attended the first class, I knew the classes were just what I needed. I was hooked from day one with the Heavy Bag, Krav Maga Foundation and Fit to Fight classes.

Even though I had begun working on my physical fitness months before coming to Burlington Krav Maga, I was still out of shape. The rigorous workouts in the Heavy Bag class where just wanted I needed. I have lost 15 pounds in the first two months, my blood pressure went from 140/90 to 120/80 and my pulse rate has dropped from the mid 90's to 70. Due to all of the work involved in all of the classes, the definition of muscles in the arms, legs, shoulders and chest are beginning to become more prominent.

Today, I look at myself and I see the changes in my body and as well as my attitude.

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Practical, Useful, and Realistic

I have been taking classes at Burlington Krav Maga for around 2 months now. In just those 2 months I have dropped 23 pounds. I know I've lost some inches by the way my pants fit but I'm scared to go buy new clothes because I know I'm going to lose more. The classes are so much fun with Shannon that I look forward to the next class as soon as each class is over. What's more, from someone that has served in the military for 10 years with 2 of those years spent in combat and 5 years in law enforcement, I can honestly say that everything taught in these classes is practical, useful, and realistic. I've also tried studying a few other styles of martial arts, but could never stay interested in them. Shannon makes the techniques easy to learn, keeps you entertained, and every class is different. I don't think any 2 classes have been the same yet, there's always something different to keep you on your toes!


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